Ceramic Braces: An Aesthetically Pleasing Orthodontic Experience

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In the past, the only orthodontic option patients can avail of is metal brackets and wires. Aside from being highly conspicuous, it is also uncomfortable to wear, especially after having it adjusted. Plus, patients need to spend a year or two wearing the appliance before they can achieve favorable results.

Fortunately, in today’s time, when most things can be achieved much more quickly, there are also new orthodontic treatments introduced. One of these options includes an appliance that follows and works like the traditional approach but in a more discreet way. We at SLS Orthodontics introduce Ceramic Braces!

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What are Ceramic Braces?

Also referred to as clear braces, ceramic braces are orthodontics tool that offers a more inconspicuous approach to teeth straightening. Instead of using the traditional materials, this new option utilize tooth-colored components to blend with the teeth. Despite the adjustments made to the materials, patients can be sure that the treatment still works effectively in correcting excessive spaces, misalignment, overcrowding, and malocclusions.

Advantages Offered by Ceramic Braces

  • Like any other orthodontic procedures, ceramic braces are customized based on the needs and preferences of each patient.
  • Offer a natural look, aside from brackets made of ceramic. The archwires can also blend in with the color of the teeth.
  • Most people think that braces made of ceramic are not durable enough to give the teeth to their proper places. What they should understand is, the ceramic used for braces have been refined for maximum resilience.
  • The bonding agent used for ceramic braces is different than what is used in the past. As a result, patients no longer have to worry about the possible color change around the brackets and demineralization of the teeth.
  • It offers better comfort compared to metal braces. Thanks to the rounded brackets made of ceramic, irritation of the gums and other forms of discomfort are less likely to occur.

If you think that the Ceramic Braces in Coral Springs, FL is ideal for your orthodontic needs, why not undergo an initial consultation with us at SLS Orthodontics? Call or visit us to know if you are qualified for the treatment and to get started!