Effective Tips in Preparing Your Child for Braces

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It can be terrifying for children to do something they’ve never done before. One example is getting braces, which is necessary to fix children’s orthodontic problems.


f braces are what your child needs, we can provide them here at SLS Orthodontics. We have also prepared some effective tips to help prepare for your child’s orthodontic treatment. 

Be supportive and positive

Throughout the whole process of getting braces, the most important thing you can do for your child is to be encouraging and supportive. You can show your child photos of any family member or friends who’ve had braces before or show them pictures of celebrities and other famous personalities who have undergone the procedure. If ever a day comes when your child complains about not wanting to wear their braces anymore, be supportive and remind them of the benefits of this orthodontic treatment.

Let your child know what to expect 

Both adults and children worry about the pain they may experience when getting braces. You can put your child at ease by explaining to them that putting braces on will not hurt, but it will be uncomfortable at first. In addition, you can tell them what is involved in the process of getting fitted for the treatment. Let them know as well that they will have their wires tightened every six weeks.

Tell your child what you expect from them

Braces are an excellent investment that helps create beautiful smiles by closing the gaps and correcting misalignment in your child’s teeth. Nevertheless, your child must know that the lack of proper care for their teeth can cause dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and teeth stains. There are some children, even teenagers who need to be reminded to brush their teeth each day. That is why it is needed to emphasize the importance of your child’s role in getting an attractive and healthy smile.

Your child can have a beautiful and straight smile. Let your child take advantage of our
Children’s Orthodontics in Coral Springs, FL. Aside from the tips listed above, our team at SLS Orthodontics is ready to provide any additional assistance. Feel free to call or visit us! We are located at 8223 W. Atlantic Boulevard, Coral Springs, FL 33071.