Reasons to Wear a Night Guard – Coral Springs, FL

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Dental professionals can’t mend bruxism. However, they can offer a solution to counter the negative impacts of the said condition. People who have been diagnosed with teeth grinding are recommended to use night guards.

A night guard has many benefits. We at SLS Orthodontics will discuss some of them below. But in the meantime, let’s give you first a clear view of what night guards are.

Patient sleeping comfortably

What Is a Night Guard?

Night guards are known as bite guards for some. To others, they call it dental mouth guards. This type of oral appliance is commonly laid out to patients who suffer from bruxism. Its primary function is to provide cushion for the teeth located on the upper jaw and the opposite. By protecting the upper and lower teeth, damages will be prevented when wearers grind their teeth. Patients can avail night guards over the counter. However, it is not advised to do so as this type of teeth protector doesn’t offer the best performance. Patients need a protective device that can do their job well; they need custom-made night guards.

Why Wear Night Guards?

There are plenty of reasons why bruxism sufferers should invest in night guards. These include:

Night guards boost one’s sleep patterns

Upon wearing a night guard when sleeping, the person can notice an improvement with their sleeping pattern. It is all because the protective device allows the muscles to relax, thereby making the patient sleep comfortably.

A night guard lessens the person’s chance of experiencing headaches

Those who have TMJ disorders can benefit from a night guard too. The device decreases the patients’ risk of suffering from neck pain as well as headaches.

It protects the smile

The number one thing that can get affected when the person failed to seek treatments for bruxism is the smile. The constant grinding and clenching of teeth can result in teeth damages. The conditions can wear down the outer layer of the pearly whites, chip the teeth, and even shorten the lifespan of the person’s dental fillings. But because night guards ‘guard’ the teeth effectively, prevention for these mentioned problems are possible.

If you are aiming to save your teeth from getting damaged due to bruxism get Night Guards in Coral Springs, FL. Contact us at SLS Orthodontics or visit 8223 W. Atlantic Boulevard, Coral Springs, FL 33071 now!