What Is the Best Way to Stop Painful Braces in Coral Springs?

Have you heard the saying, “Beauty is pain?” Well, that might actually be true when it comes to braces. You know at the end of the road you’ll have a beautiful smile, but during that journey there will be pain. So, how do you stop painful braces in Coral Springs so your journey to straight teeth is a bit more comfortable?

Try Warm Salt Water

Metal braces are notorious for causing cuts and sores. Metal rubs, wires cut… it’s not fun. One way to relieve the pain from this is to gargle and rinse with warm salt water. This not only eases pain, but it can also help with healing.

Ice and / or Heat for Painful Braces in Coral Springs

Ice is a common treatment for pain. It works for your mouth just as well as it works for a sprained ankle. Cold reduces inflammation and numbs the area. If your teeth aren’t sensitive, holding an ice cube in your mouth might help with painful braces in Coral Springs.

On the flip side, heat can also help. Try holding a heating pad against the side of your face in which your mouth hurts. You’ll appreciate how soothing it feels. A warm washcloth might work too.

Be Careful When Eating

Obviously, hard and crunchy food isn’t going to help with painful braces. Instead, opt for soft foods that are easy to chew until the pain subsides.

Use Orthodontic Wax

Use wax to coat the metal of your braces. This can make them less likely to cut the inside of your mouth.

Pain Medication

If natural remedies mentioned don’t work, it might be time to try pain medication. Grab some ibuprofen or something similar, and take it only as directed. If pain becomes too severe, it might be a good idea to contact your orthodontist for help.

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