Why Do People Still Go with Traditional Braces? – Coral Springs, FL

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In the past, the only option people have to make their teeth straighter is braces. Nowadays, due to the continuous advancements in technology, dental services have been improved to cater to the specific needs of every patient. However, despite the availability of new and improved orthodontic options, there are still some people who opt for the traditional approach.

Traditional Braces

But why do people still prefer the metal mouth way of getting straighter, healthier teeth? That is because, despite the improvements made to the newer options, metal braces remain as the perfect solution for mild to severe alignment issues. Aside from this fact, there are other reasons why conventional braces are something people should take advantage of. Here is the list of benefits traditional braces can offer as prepared by SLS Orthodontics.

Tried and true

Compared to any other orthodontic options, metal braces has been and is still being used today. This fact alone goes to prove that despite it being a longtime treatment, it can even compete with the procedures developed due to the advances in technology.

Easier adjustments

Contrary to what most people believe, monthly visits for the adjustment of metal braces actually goes smoothly compared to the alternatives. For example, if an aligner tray seems not to have a firm grip of the teeth, a new set needs to be created. Whereas, with metal braces, adjusting the wire or using ligatures on the day itself would do.


Who says that braces are too plain and boring? Know that if the treatment involves ligatures, patients can show their creativity through the oral appliance by picking the colors they love. They can even change the color during their monthly visits; therefore, making the whole experience more fun and exciting.


Compared to other orthodontic options, metal braces are not as fragile. It means that scheduling visits for repair are less likely to happen.


The materials used for metal braces like stainless steel is not that pricey. Plus, if the patient observes the right oral care, additional costs for repair can be avoided.

Highly effective

As already mentioned above, metal braces can correct orthodontic issues that range from mild to severe. Thanks to its malleable wires and individually bonded brackets. Patients who avail of the said service are guaranteed to the ideal results they paid for after the entire treatment.

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