Do I Really Need a Night Guard for Teeth Grinding or Clenching?

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Grinding and / or clenching can happen anytime, day or night. While you can consciously stop during the daytime, it’s impossible to prevent these issues during your sleep without a mouth guard. A night guard for teeth grinding, gnashing, and clenching can help protect against the consequences of bruxism, a condition that can affect both children and adults.

So, Do I Really Need to Wear a Night Guard for Teeth Grinding and Other Bruxism Symptoms?

Yes, if your dentist, orthodontist, or other healthcare provider has diagnosed you with bruxism, you absolutely need to wear a dental mouth guard at night. Dental guards can help eliminate:

  • Disrupted sleep
  • Earaches
  • Headaches
  • Fractured, flattened, loose, and / or chipped teeth
  • Jaw dislocation, pain, and / or tightness
  • Tooth pain and / or sensitivity
  • And other symptoms that affect your teeth and jaws
  • Unless you address grinding and clenching, you may need major dental work in the future, including dental implants to replace missing teeth that were lost to the condition.

    Do I Need a Custom Mouth Guard for Bruxism?

    While you can purchase guards at your local pharmacy, it’s best if you have one custom made just for you. Pre-made night guards typically don’t fit properly, which can lead to other issues or even allow your condition to worsen if it comes out while you sleep.

    Your dentist or orthodontist can custom fit you for a mouth guard by taking a mold of your upper and lower teeth so that it perfectly fits and works to prevent grinding and clenching.

    After you receive your personalized guard, you should wear it every time you sleep. Let your provider know if you experience any issues with your mouth guard as soon as possible.

    To Sleep, Eat, Smile, and Drink Without Bruxism Pain, Turn to SLS Orthodontics!

    To improve your oral health and put an end to bruxism grinding, visit SLS. We can make you a custom night guard, so you can sleep comfortably and wake free from the pain and irritation of grinding and clenching! Call us today at 954-368-0105 to book your first visit to see how we can help you experience a pain-free smile!